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User Survey

This Global Groundwater Quality website aims to be a hub for information and activities related to the assessment of global groundwater quality. For this reason, it is important to hear the community’s opinion to further improve this website. The Friends of Groundwater (FoG) are, therefore, inviting researchers, water advocates, policy advisors and makers, environmentalists, students, general public, and anyone else that might be interested in the topic to share their opinion in a User Survey, (also available in Spanish).

The user survey is set up to assess how website visitors judge the currently available information, but also to find out which new features and new types of groundwater quality information would be interesting to add. Responses to the survey will thereby have direct impact on the content of the website. The survey is open until 12 August 2022

About FoG and WWQA

The Friends of Groundwater (FoG) is an international group of experts in groundwater quality that are engaged in the World Water Quality Alliance (WWQA), initiated by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), with the objective of improving the global knowledge base on groundwater quality.
The WWQA is a voluntary and flexible global multi-stakeholder network that advocates the central role of freshwater quality in achieving prosperity and sustainability. 


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