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Modelling the temporal dynamics of groundwater pollution risks at the African scale

Ouedraogo I., Girard A., Vanclooster M. and Jonard F. Research Article

Groundwater in Pakistan’s Indus Basin : Present and Future Prospects

Lucy Lytton, Akthar Ali, Bill Garthwaite, Jehangir F. Punthakey, Basharat Saeed Ahmed

A global perspective on assessing groundwater quality

Bruce Misstear, Claudia Ruz Vargas, Dan Lapworth, Issoufou Ouedraogo & Joel Podgorski

Guidelines for the Assessment of Groundwater Quality

The quality of our nation's waters-nutrients in the nation's streams and groundwater, 1992-2004

Dubrovsky N. M., Burow K. R., Clark G. M., Gronberg J. M., Hamilton P. A., Hitt K. J., Mueller D. K., Munn M. D., Nolan B. T., Puckett L. J., Rupert M. G., Short T. M., Spahr N. E., Sprague L. A., and Wilber W. G.

Trends in groundwater pollution: loss of groundwater quality & related services.

Custodio, E.

A snapshot of the world's groundwater challenges

Lall U., Josset L., Russo T. Research Article

Global threat of arsenic in groundwater

Podgorski J., Berg M.

Assessing groundwater quality: a global perspective

Friends of groundwater Research Article, Website

Study of the impacts of pressures on groundwater in Europe

Psomas, A., Bariamis, G., Roy, S., Rouillard, J. and Stein, U. Research Article

A review of threats to groundwater quality in the anthropocene

Burri N. M., Weatherl R., Moeck C., Mario Schirmer Research Article

Changes in global groundwater organic carbon driven by climate change and urbanization

McDonough L. K., Santos I. R., Andersen M. S., O’Carroll D. M., Rutlidge H., Meredith K., Oudone P., Bridgeman J., Gooddy D. C., Sorensen J. P. R., Lapworth D. J., MacDonald A. M., Ward J. & Baker A. Research Article

Volatile organic compounds in the nation’s ground water and drinking-water supply wells

Zogorski J. S., Carter J. M., Ivahnenko T., Lapham W. W., Moran M. J, Rowe B. L., Squillace P. J., and Toccalino P. L.

Hormones and pharmaceuticals in groundwater used as a source of drinking water across the United States

Bexfield L.M, Toccalino P.M, Belitz K., Foreman W.T., Furlong E.T. Research Article